The Rocket Scientist

The following story is completely true. Long time ago, I created the image below and went to a local T-shirt shop. I handed over my USB-stick and said, “Hey Mr. T-shirt Maker, can you tailor me a T-shirt with this logo on it?”

While he was working on the computer, he told me that the T-shirt must be washed inside-out and at low temperature. Why so, I said — Well, this is not a true silk-print, so be careful with it. We only make true silk-prints when the motive is good enough for a thousand copies. — Don’t you think my logo is good enough?, I said with a disappointed voice. — Ha-ha, he laughed, ridiculed and continued — Who would want to walk around and advertise for NASA?

A couple of days later I walked from my apartment to the University. As I was passing the T-shirt shop, I couldn’t miss to notice it. In the very front window of the shop of the biggest T-shirt making idiot in the world, displayed at the best spot: three glorious silk-printed T-shirts chested with my ingenious pride.

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